Andrew Gibson, Adam Aitken, Simon Buckingham Shum, Cherie Tsingos-Lucas, Simon Knight, Agnes Sandor
Learning Analytics and Knowledge, Vancouver, Canada, 13 - 17 March 2017

Reflective writing can provide a powerful way for students to integrate professional experience and academic learning. However, writing reflectively requires high quality actionable feedback, which is time-consuming to provide at scale. This paper reports progress on the design, implementation, and validation of a Reflective Writing Analytics platform to provide actionable feedback within a tertiary authentic assessment context. The contributions are: (1) a new conceptual framework for reflective writing; (2) a computational approach to modelling reflective writing, deriving analytics, and providing feedback; (3) the  pedagogical and user experience rationale for platform design decisions; and (4) a pilot in a student learning context, with preliminary data on educator and student acceptance, and the extent to which we can evidence that the software provided actionable feedback for reflective writing.

This paper received the prestigious Best Full Paper at the 7th International Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference award. 


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