25th June , 2015

Speaker: Isabelle Coullon, manager at Orange Labs, Meylan, France

Joint work with Gilles Rouquet.
Orange strategic ambition is focused on delivering an "unmatched customer experience". If Orange aims to provide everyone with a unique customer experience every day, changing the way we are designing these experiences together has become vital for our business. In that context, with the contribution of several dozen internal experts, we co-developed and formalized a common "user centric" framework to help teams (Marketing, Technology and Usages) align to create successful experiences. Today, more than 500 employees have already been trained to UCI. The framework is now being applied to actual projects and is also the subject of continuous improvement and evolutions to articulate with transformation programs (such as agility).

In this talk, we propose to introduce the key principles and content of this "user centric innovation" framework deployed in our company. Also we'll share how this methodological framework actually impacts the global system and how this change or transformation program is being achieved in our company.