NAVER LABS EUROPE was created in August 2017 joining Korean internet giant NAVER as part of NAVER LABS, ​an ambient intelligence company conducting research in autonomous vehicles, AI, deep learning, 3D mapping and robotics. The European labs were previously owned by Xerox.

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What's going on at VLC and computer vision development at Videolabs
Start date: 23rd January 2018, 10:00am

Seminar at NAVER LABS Europe. Open to the public, you are invited to come and join us!
The seminar is free but places are limited,
please register here (Eventbrite)

Speaker: Jean-Baptiste Kempf, President of VideoLAN and CEO of Videolabs.​ 
VideoLAN is the organisation behind the acclaimed open source multimedia player VLC.

Jean-Baptiste Kempf will visit us on a short trip from Paris where he is currently hosted at Space Green, Naver's own programme within Station F, the world's largest start-ups campus.

"SLALOM" exhibition. Grenoble celebrates 50th anniversary of winter olympics.

NAVER, Korea's leading Internet company is an official sponsor of the 2018 winter olympics that will take place in PyeongChang, South Korea from 9 - 25 of February. NAVER LABS Europe is sponsoring an exhibition on the Grenoble Winter Olympics by photographer Christine Donnier Valentin. The exhibition is called 'Reves de Medailles'. 

Forum IM²AG - students meet industry

18th January 2017; Grenoble, France
Mike Niemaz and Adrien Bruyat will be present at this event, organised by l'UFR IM²AG et IMAG-SOFT. NAVER LABS Europe is expanding and Mike and Adrien will present our current internship projects and job opportunities to students finishing their studies in computer science and mathematics.

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NAVER LABS Europe, the start of something big and an invitation to come join us

The vision of NAVER LABS is that of a future where we’ll be surrounded by intelligent agents that provide us with helpful, intuitive services we can trust.