NAVER LABS EUROPE was created in August 2017 joining Korean internet giant NAVER as part of NAVER LABS, ​an ambient intelligence company conducting research in autonomous vehicles, AI, deep learning, 3D mapping and robotics. The European labs were previously owned by Xerox.

News from Naver Labs Europe
Talking to your virtual assistant about anything
Start date: 15th December 2017, 10:00am

Speaker: Jonathan Berant, senior lecturer  at The Blavatnik School of Computer Science, Tel-Aviv University, Israel

Seminars at NAVER LABS Europe are open to the public. More information here

Digital'in 2017

14th -15th December 2017. Digital'in is a digital and interactive event on digital learning and professional training. You can sign in for free.

14th December 2017, 2:00PM

Ágnes Sándor will participate in the round-table on "Artificial Intelligence explored in education"

Meet up' seminar" at Station F. Speaker: Julien Perez

"Meet up' seminar" from NAVER LINE Space Green at Station F: 6th December 2017, Julien Perez: “Reasoning, attention & memory”.  

Station F is the world’s largest startup campus where NAVER LINE is one of the biggest partners with 80 seats.