NAVER LABS EUROPE was created in August 2017 joining Korean internet giant NAVER as part of NAVER LABS, ​an ambient intelligence company conducting research in autonomous vehicles, AI, deep learning, 3D mapping and robotics. The European labs were previously owned by Xerox.

News from Naver Labs Europe
Florent Perronnin on round table #50ansInria à Grenoble

INRIA, Montbonnot, France 
23rd November 2017 
16.30 – 17.00 – « Let’s imagine and shape our digital future ». Round table with scientific experts, lawyers, students and representatives from industry and politics.
Florent Perronnin, NAVER LABS  Europe Director of Science and Engineering, is on the « Artificial intelligence : myth and reality « panel. 

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What about ICCV2017? Impressions on this year's event.

We managed to catch Diane Larlus when she returned from ICCV in Venice this year. We asked her to share her impressions of the conference and if she had any tips for young researchers aiming to publish there. 

IEEE International Conference on Data Mining series (ICDM); New Orleans, USA
New theoretical and algorithmic advances in machine learning with optimal transport
Start date: 16th November 2017, 02:00pm

Ievgen Redko, associate professor at Institut National des Sciences Appliquées, Lyon, France