Paris, France, 26 - 27 January 2016

26 January, 16:30-18:00: Évaluation d’un capteur de mesure du nombre d’occupants d’un véhicule 

Alexis Bacelar (CEREMA Direction territoriale Centre-Est), Ludovic Simon (CEREMA / DTer IdF), Hervé Poirier (Xerox Research Centre Europe): "Maîtriser et réguler le trafic". 

The Xerox Vehicle Passenger Detection system (VPDS) using infrared cameras was piloted at a busy French/Swiss commuter border (Jougne) in 2015. This pilot enabled the transportation partners to understand how an automated system for counting vehicle occupants could support the introduction of HOV lanes. The Xerox system delivered highly accurate results, boosting confidence in the practical application of this type of system for all of Europe.

Xerox Demonstrates Vehicle Passenger Detection System to Promote Adoption of Carpooling in Europe