Christophe Legras

  • business development
  • industry expert
  • software development
  • artificial intelligence
  • collaborative technology

Customer Care Innovation Lead and Executive Experience Centre Engineer

Christophe joined the Innovation Studio team at the beginning of 2011 and more recently helps the research for Customer Care to link to the customers.

In order to create an environment where valuable new ideas emerge, he prepares “Dreaming Sessions” with tailored agenda where he shares custom demonstrations and technology presentations.

His background in computer science and telecom systems, helps him understand the complex concepts and advanced technologies he demonstrates. Christophe spent 8 years in several innovative Telecom companies across the globe working in the “Development” side of R&D teams. Bringing research ideas to actual implementation serving customers’ needs is now part of his daily challenges.

He graduated from the ESISAR (part of the Grenoble Institute of Technology) in 2002.