David Rozier

  • business development
  • industry expert
  • IT
  • software development
  • artificial intelligence
  • collaborative technology

I joined the Advanced Development Lab in November 2013 as a project leader.

I thrive in applying my working knowledge of applied research and technology transfer management to the medical domain. I am passionate about research creating new technology to address painful issues in society, hence my strong drive for clinical innovation.

A short profile

After obtaining my PhD in Artificial Intelligence in the UK in 1998, and starting my career as a post-doctoral researcher in Healthcare Expert Systems, I had the chance to use my knowledge of AI and scientific computing in several fields and various environments: 

  • From expert systems in the medical field, to intelligent dispatching for manufacturing plants, through simulation and prediction of ocean water currents,
  • From academic research labs to industrial manufacturing operations,

This combined professional background in industrial manufacturing, academic research, and R&D is what underlies my vision of innovation, where research meets society.

 Innovation is achieved through the fascinating process of transfer: a complex professional field requiring strong interpersonal skills as well as technical skills.
 I believe a transfer will be successful when undertaken with the right technology, the right target application, the right people, at the right time... An elaborate recipe but necessary for achieving exciting successes.