XRCE has negotiated rates with this limo company. Please contact them in beforehand and ask for negotiated XEROX rates.  You can contact them around the clock - in English or French.


If you order a shuttle, you need to provide the following information:

    • name of the passenger(s)
    • indicate 'Exclusive' or 'Collective' pick up ('Exclusive' means you will be the only passenger while 'Collective' means you may share the car with other passengers)
    • date and time of arrival
    • flight number
    • arrival airport
    • destination
    • date and time of departure
    • departure airport
    • flight number
    • pick up place

If you are delayed due to customs or lost luggage: You need to phone the shuttle company. If the driver is informed about your delay he will wait until your arrival. Otherwise, he will wait only 30 minutes before leaving the airport.