We process millions of documents, emails, customer telephone exchanges or surveillance videos every day. There’s so much data that, to realize the value that lies within it, we need intelligent machines: machines that can read and understand text, machines that can have a meaningful conversation with a human, machines that can make sense of images or videos and machines that can help us make sound decisions.

Naver Labs Europe develops innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to achieve all of these goals. In doing so, we will provide a competitive edge to our customers and contribute to solving societal problems in healthcare, mobility and in building a more sustainable world. Our labs have competencies in machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, process intelligence and ethnography.

Some of the big cross-disciplinary challenges we address include:

  • representation learning: turning all data entities (text, images, videos, web pages, emails, …) into semantically-rich representations to that can be efficiently processed, mined and related to each other.
  • interactive learning: including the human in the learning loop to benefit from the complementary capabilities of humans and machines
  • lifelong learning: exploring how to learn and manage prediction systems, policies or processes in a sustainable manner, i.e. in a manner that makes maximum reuse of previous experiences.
  • machine reasoning: connecting existing pieces of knowledge to create new knowledge, e.g. being able to answer complex questions that require multiple supporting facts.
  • decision making: learning how to make actionable decisions in uncertainty, especially in ever-changing environments
  • agility: we live in an ever-changing world which means the technology we use must evolve in synergy with the people and business processes that touch it.
  • user centric: an important challenge in any technology is to the adoption by people. Only then does science become innovation. Our solutions are grounded in a deep understanding of how people work and how technology can help them every day.

Our scientists collaborate with national and international partners, academics and customers  to solve problems and invent technology that will have impact in the real world. 

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