• Marge Eldridge,Mik Lamming,Mike Flynn
Does a video diary help recall? Marge Eldridge, Mik Lamming, Mike Flynn. People and Computers VII, A. Monk, D. Diaper & M. D. Harrison (eds), Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1992, pp 257-269.
The purpose of this paper is to determine the value of video recording in aiding the recall of work activities. A
Video Diary System is described and the results of a preliminary evaluation of the system are presented. The
memory experiment provided subjects with several different memory aids. The use of a video Diary increased
the number of activities which were recalled compared to using only a written diary. People and objects were
particularly valuable cues in aiding the recall of work activities. ALthough the Video Diary was very useful, it
clearly does not completely capture the events of the working day.
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