Jean-Marc Andreoli, Francois Pacull
Journal of Distributed and Parallel Databases, 7(2) April 1999
The Internet is an extremely rich source of online information and services. However, complex client requests,
involving and combining several types of services, are difficult to handle without some form of support. This is
particularly true in the case of electronic commerce, where complex transactions may involve several
independent good providers, bankers, delivery services, etc. Hence the need for "brokering" services, whose
offers combine in the best possible way offers coming from existing, specialized services publicly available on
the Net, in order to match customers'constraints. The Xpect framework for electronic commerce has been
developed for that purpose. In this paper, we illustrate it through a case study in the context of distributed
print-on-demand. We propose an architecture and implementation of the case study based on CLF, a
distributed application development tool relying on a rich object model and its corresponding coordination
scripting facility.
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