Florent Perronnin, Chris Dance
CVPR, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, June 18-23, 2007, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.
Within the field of pattern classification, the Fisher kernel is a powerful framework which combines the strengths of generative and discriminative approaches. The idea is to characterize a signal with a gradient vector derived from a generative probability model and to subsequently feed this representation to a discriminative classifier. We propose to apply this framework to image categorization where the input signals are images and where the underlying generative model is a visual vocabulary: a Gaussian mixture model which approximates the distribution of low-level features in images. We show that Fisher kernels can actually be understood as an extension of the popular bag-of-visterms. Our approach demonstrates excellent performance on two challenging databases: an in-house database of 19 object/scene categories and the recently released VOC 2006 database. It is also very practical: it has low computational needs both at training and test time and vocabularies trained on one set categories can be applied to another set without any significant loss in performance.
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