Caroline Brun, Caroline Hagege
CICLing 2009 (International Conference on Intelligent Text Processing and Computational Linguistics), Mexico City, Mexico, March 1-7, 2009
In this paper, we describe a method that automatically generates lexico-syntactic patterns which are then used to extract semantic relations between named entities. The method uses a small set of seeds, i.e. named entities that are a priori known to be in relation. This information can easily be extracted from encyclopedias or existing databases. From very large corpora we extract sentences that contain combinations of these attested entities. These sentences are then used in order to automatically generate, using a syntactic parser, lexico-syntactic patterns that links these entities. These patterns are then re-applied on texts in order to extract relations between new entities of the same type. Furthermore, the patterns that are extracted not only provide a way to spot new entities relations but also build a valuable paraphrase resource. An evaluation on the relation holding between an event, the place of the event occurrence and the date of the event occurrence has been carried out on French corpus and shows good results. We believe that this kind of methodology can be applied for other kinds of relation between named entities.
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